Event Champions

Event Champions

The Club Event Champion will be awarded to an athlete in the U8 to U17 boys and girls age groups combined based on outstanding performance at Centre, Zone, Region and State level.

Track Event Champions

SeasonSprintsMiddle DistanceLong DistanceWalksHurdles
2020/2021Liliana Anthony-LigaiviuJacob PooleMatilda RichardsCiara CassillesGabriella Ho
2019/2020Liliana Anthony-LigaiviuAbbie PasninCiara CassillesErin Cassilles
Charbel Khoury
Not Awarded
2018/2019Renee PenitaniAbbie PasninNot AwardedCiara CassillesRenee Penitani
2017/2018Ryleigh Delacour-BatchNot AwardedNot AwardedCiara CassillesRenee Penitani
2016/2017Not AwardedJames BottrillJames BottrillNot AwardedNot Awarded
2015/2016Imogen RussellJames BottrillJames BottrillNot AwardedImogen Russell
2014/2015Imogen RussellJames BottrillJames BottrillMadeline CarrollImogen Russell
2013/2014Larry AdeniranAlyssa SaurineJames BottrillAlyssa SaurineNelson Carey
2012/2013Not AwardedAlyssa SaurineNot AwardedRiley ButlerWilliam Derederenalgi
2011/2012Isabelle LhotkaNot AwardedStacey HaywardJessica HoustonMadison Mooney
2010/2011Isabelle LhotkaJames BottrillStacey HaywardRiley ButlerShenais Moss
2009/2010Maddie Pirie Rylee TowellNot AwardedKate ScottShenais Moss
2008/2009Maddie PirieRylee TowellNot AwardedSamantha FloodShenais Moss
2007/2008Maddie PirieLaura Serwa
Laura Towell
Not AwardedKate ScottShenais Moss
2006/2007Maddie PirieLaura SerwaNot AwardedMitchell FloodBrendan Cox
Lisa Celi
2005/2006Maddie Pirie
Brendan Cox
Clare WoodsNot AwardedMitchell FloodBrendan Cox

Field Event Champions

SeasonLong JumpTriple JumpHigh JumpDiscusShot PutJavelin
2020/2021Not AwardedNiamh MackenzieNiamh MackenzieCooper HunterCooper HunterNot Awarded
2019/2020Not AwardedNiamh MackenzieNiamh Mackenzie
Jake Bender
Khloe HunterAdam PittmanNot Awarded
2018/2019Not AwardedNiamh MackenzieNot AwardedCooper HunterCooper HunterNot Awarded
2017/2018Not AwardedNelson CareyJake BenderNot AwardedNot AwardedNot Awarded
2016/2017Not AwardedNot AwardedAshleigh MooneyNot AwardedNot AwardedNot Awarded
2015/2016Imogen Russell
Not AwardedNot AwardedNot AwardedBenjamin Pittman (Throws)Not Awarded
2014/2015Not AwardedNelson CareyNelson CareyNot AwardedNot AwardedNot Awarded
2013/2014Not AwardedNelson CareyNelson CareySamara PowellNot AwardedNot Awarded
2012/2013Not AwardedNot AwardedWilliam DerederenalgiDaniel KoliopoulosAdam OgdenAdam Ogden
2011/2012Madison MooneyMadison MooneyMadison MooneyDaniel KoliopoulosDaniel Koliopoulos
Adam Ogden
Not Awarded
2010/2011Madison MooneyMadison MooneyMadison MooneyDaniel KoliopoulosNot AwardedNot Awarded
2009/2010Madison MooneyRhiannon HansonMadison MooneyDaniel Koliopoulos
William Derederenalgi
Daniel KoliopoulosNot Awarded
2008/2009Brendan CoxBrendan CoxMadison MooneyNot AwardedDaniel KoliopoulosNot Awarded
2007/2008Brendan CoxBrendan CoxMadison MooneyNot AwardedDaniel KoliopoulosShannen O'Sullivan
2006/2007Stephanie EastonBrendan CoxMadison MooneyClare WoodsDaniel KoliopoulosStephanie Easton
2005/2006Julia Payne
Brendan Cox
Brad HansonSophie D'AmbraClare WoodsSamantha NealeStephanie Easton