General Information

How old does my child have to be to join Little Athletics?

The ages of competing athletes range from 5 to 16. The age group of a child is determined by the year of the child’s birth. A child may be registered with us if they turn 5 years old in 2019 (i.e. born in 2014). RWLAC does not run Tiny Tots. Please see Registration Information for more details.

When does the Season start, and when does it finish?

Our season runs from the end of August through to mid March.  See the calendar for more information.

Where and when are competitions held?

Our weekly competitions are held at University of Western Sydney, Bullecourt Ave, Milperra.  Map here.  Athletes are asked to arrive at 6:10pm for a 6:30pm start (some events for older athletes may start at 6:00pm, see program).

How long will we be there?

Always difficult to say.  It depend on a number of things, such as the number in the age group, the event they are doing, the number of parent helpers, and many other things.  Generally, the younger athletes (U6-U10) are finished by 8:00pm, with the older athletes (U11 – U17) done by 9:00pm.  However, don’t rely on that.  The one thing that I can tell you is that the more parents help, the quicker it is finished.

What events can I do?

The specific events depends on the age of the child.  Events runs over a 3 week program (see the latest handbook for more information)

  • Sprints
    70m, 100m, 200m
  • Middle/Long Distance
    400m, 500m, 800m, 1500m
  • Hurdles
    60m/80m/90m/100m/200m Hurdles
  • Racewalking
    200m/300m/700m/900m/1100m/1500m Walk
  • Throws
    Shot Put, Discus, Javelin
  • Jumps
    High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump
  • OnTrack Skills development for U6 and U7 age groups


 When can I register?

Registrations normally commence in August, can continue right the way through the season.  No discounts are provided for late registrations. All registrations must be completed and paid for online. More information on the registrations page.

How much does it cost?

Please check here for information on any registration fees. No weekly fees are required for Friday competitions.  In addition, a uniform will need to be purchased, at approximately $50.

What do I need to bring with me when registering / picking up registration numbers?

You will need:

  • Proof of age for your child(ren) – i.e. birth certificate, passport or blue book.  We only need to sight this if your child is new to our centre.


 Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes!  Although to start uniforms are not compulsory, but become compulsory approximately 1 month into the season.  Uniforms can be purchased online when registering, at our registration collection nights or competition nights.

Do / Can athletes have to wear spikes?

Most athletes compete in normal running shoes.  Athletes in Under 11 and above may wear spikes at all Centre competitions in laned track events, jumping events (high jump, long jump and triple jump), and javelin.

  • Spikes must be carried onto the track and to the field event areas and then removed on completion of the event.
  • Athletes must remove spikes at the request of event officials / centre committee members.


Can an athlete get coaching?

RWLAC has some coaching available through the season for middle distance and sprints on a Wednesday night. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for times. We also have a close connection with Illawong LAC where some athletes attend jumps and throws coaching. Check out the coaching page for more info.

How will my child learn the basics?

An age manager is allocated to each age group who can help with the basics of Little Athletics, we also have experienced committee members stationed at events to guide new athletes and provide instruction.  Athletes in the U6 and U7 age groups will be involved in a skill development program called On Track, which teaches children the fundamental skills needed for the events, this is a programmed event for these athletes. Also there is a good set of videos here.

Helping Out

Can I drop my kids off and leave?

NO! Little A’s relies on parents and guardians to assist in running the competition, in such roles as timing, measuring, recording, etc, etc.  Each child must have at least one parent/ guardian at competition.  More information can be found in the season handbook.

I don’t know how to help, what can I do?

Most tasks are easy, such as using a stopwatch, or measuring a throw.  At most events there will be an experienced parent/committee member to lead the event and guide new parents in how to assist. A good set of videos on how to help is here.

What do I need to do if a record is broken while I’m recording?

Please note, if a record is broken in any event two RWLAC Committee members must verify that record.  Therefore, do not re-set stop watches, or re-rake sand, or move any other measurement device until this is done -essentially, freeze the event.

Otherwise there is a risk the record cannot be verified meaning the poor athlete will miss their opportunity.  Generally the record for that event is listed on the recording sheet and the parent with the responsibility to record that event should make themself aware of the record prior to commencement.


Is there a newsletter?

Centre newsletters are produced regularly, and are emailed out to members.  If you are not receiving yours, check your email address that you have supplied.  Click on the “register” menu, “Login” and go to the “Members Portal”.  Check your email address and other details, and make sure that the “Mailing List” question is answered “Yes”.  While you are there, why not change your username and password to something a little easier to remember.

They are also available from our website, from the “Newsletter” menu.

Wet Weather

What if it rains?

As we run events on a grass track, we may have to call off competition for wet weather.  Please check the main page of this web site or find us on Facebook to see updates on possible wet weather cancellations. We endeavour to make a decision as early as possible however we like to give the athletes every possible chance to compete so this information may not be updated until 5:30pm on the night of competition.

More Information

I have more questions.

Contact us through our “Contact Us” page, or via our contact list.