Club Captains

Captains & Vice Captains

Each season, the senior athlete vote for the Club Captains and Vice Captains to represent our centre. Athletes in the U15-U17 age groups are eligible to be elected in one of these roles if they have been registered members with our centre for three consecutive seasons.

 SEASON Male Captain Female Captain Male Vice Captain Female Vice Captain
1995/96 John Sidoti Emma Molloy    
1996/97 Jeffrey Kelleway Caitlin Buggy    
1997/98 David Channells Lauren Riseham    
1998/99 Neil Baxter Grace Woods    
1999/00 Oludoye Oluwoye Coby Nevin    
2000/01 Brett Tricker Aimee Jeffrey    
2001/02 Shaun Lee Belinda Scott    
2002/03 Ben Southwell Tarin Nevin Adam Bottle Alana Druitt
2003/04 Adam Bottle Alana Druitt Robert Suapopo Sarah Whatley
2004/05 Robert Suapopo Sarah Whatley Brett Scott Jessica Waterworth
2005/06 Brett Scott Julia Payne Lewis Cowper Stephanie Easton
2006/07 Lewis Cowper Stephanie Easton Benjamin Knobel Amy Jenkins
2007/08 Bradley Jones Kate Scott Benjamin Knobel Lisa Celi
2008/09 Brock Korremans Caitlin Gray N/A Samantha Flood
2009/10 William Derederenalagi Maddie Pirie N/A Jessica Mooney
2010/11 Brock Korremans Samantha Gray William Derederenalagi Belinda Anderson
2011/12 Nathan Anderson Belinda Anderson William Derederenalagi Madison Mooney
2012/13 Nathan Anderson Belinda Anderson Michael Howe Laura Towell
2013/14 Daniel Koliopoulos Katherine Hensler Nathan Anderson Ellena Tahhan
2014/15 James Hensler Katherine Hensler Daniel Koliopoulos Imogen Russell
2015/16 James Bottrill Imogen Russell Guo Jun Gan Madeline Carroll
2016/17 James Bottrill Madeline Carroll Guo Jun Gan Phoebe Bottrill
2017/18 Mitchell Carroll Phoebe Bottrill Dylan Bennett N/A