As the start of the new season is drawing nearer I am delighted to let you know of a couple of coaching/training opportunities for RWLAC athletes. We will update families of other coaching opportunities closer to the season.

These are being offered at The Ridge at Barden Ridge (Illawong LAC grounds) and are as follows:

Friday night throwers group (6.30 – 8pm) and everyone is welcome free of charge  – all ages, kids and adults  – it’s a throws ‘circuit’ and they spend 20 minutes on each event (discus, javelin (real and turbo for juniors to learn throwing style), shot put and hammer last of all and only for those old enough).  If people want to focus on only  2 events then they can stay longer on those events so it’s quite casual.  It is not coaching in the traditional sense but everyone gets tips.   The group is designed around everyone having a go and learning from each other (although  some coaching is given to help the kids get it right).

Anyone is welcome to attend these sessions with Deborah Engeler as long as you don’t expect traditional coaching!  You can attend any week. This is an ideal opportunity for kids to get their skills up before the start of our season with at least 6 weeks before we start I recommend this to any of our athletes who are interested in throws.

High Jump coaching – run by Greg Engeler again at the Ridge as follows: All are welcome to the  sessions Tues 5-6 and 6-7pm and Thu 5-6.15pm. These are also free sessions and are ideal for all athletes, especially those in the U9 and U10 groups who are doing scissors jumps

Greg covers both scissors and flop jumping so again if you are inclined to high jumping please take the opportunity to attend and learn from these very skilled coaches.

Walks Coaching- Deborah Engeler is looking to start a walks training session on a Sunday afternoon (4-5pm) but wants to gauge how much interest there is before she does so if your child is interested in more walks training please email me so I can let her know.

Middle Distance Training – Our Centre will be offering middle distance training at the start of the season and more details will be forwarded once known. I am also trying to source some sprints training for our athletes which I will let you know about if it comes about.