Joan Carroll Award

Joan Carroll Award

The original Joan Carroll Award was given to athletes for record breaking performances. As at Season 2014-15 this award has been retired and the Award has been renamed the Joan Carroll Memorial Volunteer Award. This award is presented to a Centre volunteer who has been deemed to have given exceptional service to the Centre in the current season.

Volunteer Award

Year Award Recipient
2021/2022Katherine Cuddy
2020/2021Mikaela North
2019/20Jodie Whitney
2018/19Stuart McGraw
2017/18Siobhan Mackenzie
2016/17Adam Powell
2015/16Greg Gould
2014/15Ben North
Colin Carroll

Athlete Award

SeasonAward Recipient
2014/15Athlete Award Retired
2013/14Daniel Koliopoulos
2012/13 William Derederenalagi
2011/12William Derederenalagi
2010/11 Brock Korremans
2009/10 Madison Mooney
2008/9 Maddie Pirie
2007/8Maddie Pirie
2006/7Maddie Pirie
2005/6 Brock Korremans
2004/5Jayden Okunbor
2004/5Kate Truashiem
2003/4Sarah Whatley
2002/3Tarin Nevin
2001/2Tarin Nevin
2000/1Alicia Pattey
1999/00William Mataka